Mackie ProDX4

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Mackie ProDX4 4-channel Wireless Digital Mixer Features:

  • 2 Wide-Z inputs for mics, guitars, and keyboards
  • Stereo 1/8" input for connecting media players
  • Aux send for personalized monitor or separate zone mix
  • 3-band EQ with highpass filter for dialing in your sound
  • No-hassle compression for adding punch to vocals and instruments
  • 16 ReadyFX reverbs, delays, and chorus effects put the final touches on your mix
  • Outputs sport a graphic EQ for flexible fine-tuning
  • Wireless control of parameters via MixerConnect app
  • Bluetooth streaming for break music or backing tracks
  • Single knob front panel interface controls every level
  • Ultra-compact for easy transportation
  • Works with iOS- and Android-compatible smartphones
  • Note: Does NOT have phantom power