Beyerdynamic TG I53 Stereo-Set

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The very wide frequency response of the TG I53 opens up a variety of possible applications.

From hi-hats and overheads to percussion, string and brass instruments and even choir singing – this condenser microphone with its subtle treble boost and excellent detail reproduction really excels. Because of its high sensitivity, it is also suitable for longer microphone placement distances, for example for large sound sources with complex radiation patterns.

Further advantages: it is both light and rugged due to the carbon fibre reinforced housing.

Sound Channeling Technology:
- Optimally positioned treble resonator for improved high-range reproduction
- 2nd treble resonator within the system
- Special sound holes for a frequencyindependent polar pattern

Spek :

Transducer type: Condenser
Polar pattern microphone: Cardioid
Microphone frequency response: 20 - 20,000 Hz
Net weight without packaging: 0,23
Product Type: N/A
cable length: N/A