Beyerdynamic M260

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The Beyerdynamic M260 is a hypercardioid dynamic ribbon microphone ideally suited for vocals and miking of instruments for broadcast, music recording and film studio applications. Its flat frequency response and natural, warm ribbon sonic profile make it a highly effective element of the digital recording process. The hypercardioid polar pattern provides extremely high gain before feedback and elimination of lateral noise. The M260 is equipped with a built-in high pass filter which compensates for proximity effect during close miking applications. The microphone also features a high insensitivity towards magnetic stray fields and extreme temperatures, and the rugged grille protects the microphone system against accidental physical contact.

The Manufacturer

Beyerdynamic was founded in 1924 by Eugen Beyer in Berlin and focused its early work on the development of headphones and microphones employing dynamic principles. Decades of experience and commitment to continuous research and innovative development, has resulted in a range of microphones, headphones, wireless systems and conference systems which enjoy an outstanding reputation for reliability and quality throughout the world.


  • transducer type dynamic
  • polar pattern hypercardioid
  • frequency response 40Hz - 18kHz
  • sensitivity 1mV/Pa
  • nominal impedance 200Ω
  • connector 3 pole male XLR
  • dimensions 24mm D (shaft) x 163mm H
  • weight 230g

Accessories Included

MKV8 Stand Adaptor
Thread Adaptor